About Beard Balms & Oils

What’s The Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil?

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked about my products is what’s the difference between the balm and the oil? The short answer is  a lot, but the long answer is way more complicated! Fear not my bearded friends, I will break down the benefits of each! Some men choose to use just balm or oils, and others choose to use a combination of both as part of their daily grooming routine.

Beard Balmil_570xN.745704716_shfj

Beard Balm is packed full of oils and butters that help moisturize and lightly condition your mane and allow you to shape and mold the beard to your preference. Beard Balm is mainly comprised of three main ingredits; Wax (usually beeswax or soy), Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter. Beard balm helps control and tame your mane. Essential oils like cedar oil, cinamon oil, and orange sweet oil are often added to give the balm a distinct scent. Many balms also included tea tree and avocado oil, which helps stimulate healthy hair growth. Balm can help make your beard also look fuller. The best part is that it also helps with the dreaded beard itch. It’s the worst! We know, we know! Many people use balm and oils as a way of helping their skin become less irritated in the growing phase of their moustaches or beards. I suggest to friends to use the balm before going out, as the balm gives them a more refined look.

beardoil_sirwinstonsBeard Oil

Beard Oil is often used to help condition beards without using a thicker waxier balm, that could weigh your beard down. Oils are great for keeping your facial hair more unruly and natural. It’s all preference! Beard Oil is often made using Jojoba Oil and Avociado oil as a base, both of these oils are amazing to help moisturise dry and brittle hairs. Avocado Oil contains Vitaims A, B, C, D, and E that helps stimulate healthy hair growth! Other oils like tea tree are often added to beard oils to also help with dandruff and promote hair growth. Oils can also help power through the itch! Most beard oils are lightly scented using a variety of oils, but some of the more common ones are orange sweet oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and cedar oil, to name a few. All oils offer specific scents and benefits to your hair and skin.

My Personal Preference?

I use the beard balm daily as it helps me get a great hold while providing moisturization that lasts for hours. I live in a colder climate and during the winter I experience dry and irritated skin a lot. I find that the balm also works wonders on my hands and face, so I tend to use it more than the oil. The oil is great to use at home after a hot shower. It’s best to apply the oil to a clean, damp beard as the hair cuticles are opened and benefit form absorbing the various oils and nutrients. As summer approaches I tend to use less balm and switch over to the oil, as I require a beard product that isn’t as thick. I have clients that swear by the balm, and others who swear by the oil. My advice is to try both and figure out how they work for you, because whatever you pick your beard will be greatly appreciative.

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